About Me

Ryan Davis - Mai-54.jpg

Hello. I'm Ryan, a 26 year old Photographer from River. 

I live here with my fiancée Sophie, and our working cocker spaniel Monty. 

I've been taking photos for the past 8 years, starting out with urban exploration photography in WW2 tunnels and Napoleonic forts. I tried various different techniques such as long exposure photography, HDRs, star-trailing and infrared. 

After meeting a friend and doing some research, I've started learning more about medium format photography- I purchased a Hasselblad 501c and have decided instead of having a site just hosting photo's that I'd start a blog to share my photos and stories.

I'm lucky that Sophie is also keen on photography so she has picked up my EOS 1 and seems to enjoy taking photos of me taking photos,  It does mean that we both hide behind the lens- but hey, you can't have too many photo's of a dog right!?