The Happy Snapper

If you've already read my about me page, you'd know that I'm relatively new into the world of medium format photography.

My first and only film camera was my Canon EOS 1, their flagship camera back in 1989 - a sturdy 35mm workhorse.

Since taking ownership of the Hasselblad, Sophie seems to have adopted the EOS 1 and after sending off our first rolls to the wonderful Carmencita Film Lab, we were both in awe of Sophie's first ever film attempts.

Putting me to shame, I felt it only fair to share her photo's with you all to enjoy. Be warned though, she loves a photo of the dog! Any comments telling me that she should be the photographer of the house will duly be deleted :)

What I love about this set of images, is how the Fuji 400H has just made the green pop out of the images. I shot HP5 this day, which you can see in this blog post and although I'm really pleased with the black and white images, I regret not having a roll of colour too.

Having your best friend and other half want to be out taking photo's with you too, makes this hobby all the more special.