Hasselblad - The first time

This endless pit of money that is also known as medium format photography all started when I met up with a good friend and local photographer Toby. Like a game of top trumps, I pulled out my Canon EOS 1 and 50mm ready for a day of shooting around Deal in a lovely local coffee shop, and Toby came back with his Hasselblad 501cm. From that day I was hooked, a stunning piece of machinery that really makes you think about what you're taking photos of. I needed one!

I was so lucky to find a Hasselblad on eBay with my limited budget, and met the original owner who had cared for it more than I could have wished for. I still keep in touch with him, and want him to know that his camera will be used, but cared for!

Soph, Monty and I went to Kingswood in Chilham for a walk about with the cameras. I had my Lunalite meter with me but found it was rather unhelpful as it suggested 1/5000th second, and my camera maxed at 1/500th second. 

I shot with Ilford HP5, a favoured black and white film of mine, and aimed to overexpose the images knowing that film is a lot more forgiving that any digital camera when it comes to highlights. 

After collecting up a good few rolls and sending them off to Carmencita lab in Valencia, (who were super-helpful in providing advice and feedback on how you want your images and what they can do to help) I have a set of images which I'm pleased with.

This sounds so cliche, but after suffering photographers block for so long - I looked through the waist level viewfinder of the Hasselblad, focused it up, and wow, I was in love, again.

A quick show of appreciation to Toby, and to Sean, for making me want to take photos once again, and Sean, for giving me the tools to freeze my adventures in a 6x6 frame.